The ultimate answer to why this old appliance repairman writes short stories is in the title of the website itself. Yup, I get bored a lot. And to be completely honest when I was a kid I always dreamed of being a writer and this is my chance to make that dream come true. I may be an old fart with a twisted sense of humor but I like to put time and effort into my stories and I hope you’ll notice that.

Another reason I write stories, specifically stories about repairing kitchen appliances and other home services is because that is what I do for a living and I know a lot about the topic. After all the best writing advice is to write what you know, so here I am. Thanks for being curious about my short stories and I hope you enjoy them. I got a lot of old ones I plan to drip onto my blog over time and still keep writing new ones. I doubt any of them would ever get published professionally so this website is my way to share them with the world for anyone who would like to have a little chuckle and relate to domestic life.

I honor you for being here!