Down in the not-so-humble streets of New York, a fridge one family thought was more than humble grew tired of people touching him all the time. This fridge was named Maytag and was upset with the family for always waking it up to open him and put stuff inside of him. One day, Maytag had enough. He grew legs, got up and ran away!

A week later a local news paper heard the story and published an article titled “Miracle Alert! A Fridge has Grown Legs and Run Away from Home!” The family reading this article in the paper would never have called it a miracle. They called it a misfortune because not only did they have to buy a new fridge they also had to restock on food. In their misfortune, the family father David called up the editor of the paper and complained in these words:

“Please, for the love of New York will you change the title of that article to Misfortune Alert!”

The editor replied, “But, sir, you don’t think it’s a miracle that your fridge can grow legs and run like a human?”

Sighing in grief, David answered, “Well, isn’t your fridge running?”

The editor quickly checked if his fridge was running, and it was running fine. When he got back to the phone, he said, “I get your point now, David. And we’ll do you something better than change the headline. We’ll write a whole new article titled ‘Update: Miracle Sweeps Across New York as all Fridges are Running!’

Thanks for reading and I hope you got the punchline of the joke. If not, check out another interesting story related to appliances. I hope your new year in 2020 is more miraculous than the fridges running in New York! Bye for now.