This is a story from when I was a boy.

When I was six years old, I asked my mom “how big is the tooth fairy?”

She replied, “You’ll find out when you lose another tooth.”

After a month a tooth came out when I was eating dinner and I was so excited to finally meet the Tooth Fairy, for I had always been asleep every time the tooth fairy came. This time, though, I planned to stay awake and only pretend to sleep so that I could catch the Tooth Fairy in the act.

It felt like hours of pretending to sleep before I eventually started to snooze in and out of a slumber. It had been easy to stay wake before because I was so excited, but now I was having doubts that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t come.

Then, I started to hear footsteps outside of my door. Thinking the Tooth Fairy was here, I quickly checked to see if my tooth was still under my pillow. It was there.

Feeling my heart race, light swept over my shut eyelids as my door opened and someone walked in. It felt like a lifetime before I felt a hand slide under my pillow, and in that moment I opened my eyes and–lo and behold!–my mother was standing there with an angry look on her face.

“I’m so sorry, my son,” she said. “You were supposed to be asleep!”

Not sure why my mother was there, I said, “Quick, mom. Leave before the tooth fairy knows you’re here!”

She smiled and did as I said, quietly closing the door behind herself. Again, it felt like forever before I started to feel drowsy again. The last thing I remember was opening my eyes again to see if the Tooth Fairy was there, but I saw nothing. Next thing I knew the morning had arrived and when I got up I checked under my pillow to see that my tooth was gone! I must’ve fallen asleep…

But in the place of my tooth was $20!

From that day on I still believe the Tooth Fairy is real!

Thanks for reading this story. I hope you found it cute. If you’re wondering why I love writing short stories so much you can read about that here.

Have a great February!