Short Stories by a Bored Appliance Repair Technician

Short Stories About Life in the Domestic Household and Home Services

Author: Lydia Jackson

An Adventure in the Kitchen Oven

Inspired by Narnia, this is a story about Little Timmy and how he had an adventure in his parents’ kitchen oven.

One day, Little Timmy woke up believing his parents weren’t home, but really they were just sleeping in because they dug into the cabinet the night before. Little Timmy wanted to play, but since he had been a bad boy his parents had taken all his toys away the day before. Not knowing what to do, Little Timmy went into the kitchen. He saw the cabinet his parents had dug into last night but couldn’t reach the contents therein, thank God.

So, still bored, Little Timmy opened the oven and crawled inside. In here, he saw naught but black, black as black as pitch, and shook his head, wishing there was something more interesting in here. But when he closed his eyes, an image did stir in his mind, and suddenly an elf was there beckoning him to follow. Little Timmy obeyed and the elf led him through a dark tunnel until they emerged into a field of broken appliances. Here, in this bright and beautiful field with the sun smiling above, there were broken dishwashers, fridges, microwaves, and every domestic appliance a little boy can dream of. Wondering why this was so, Little Timmy asked the elf just that: “Why are all these broken appliances here in this wonderful field?”

The elf answered, “Because this is Broken Appliance Land where all broken appliances go once no one no longer wants them.”

Amazed by this truth, Little Timmy began to explore. He explored so excitedly it were as if the elf was no longer there, but he was still watching. Little Timmy found a freezer that led into a museum, a dishwasher that led into a zoo, and decided to enter an oven that led him back into his own kitchen because he saw his parents there and missed them.

When he crawled out of the oven, he heard the elf wishing him goodbye, and his parents kissed and hugged him.


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Benny Went to the Market

One day Benny, an 8-year-old boy living somewhere in Texas, woke up to grab a glass a milk and realized the fridge was broken and the milk was warm. He went to his mother’s room to wake her and tell her that the fridge needed a repair service but as soon as she opened her eyes and saw her son standing at the bedside she remembered it was Thanksgiving and had a lot of cooking to do.

“Oh, Benny! Thanks for waking me. I got a lot of cooking to do,” said Benny’s mother. She rose from bed just as Benny opened his mouth. She quickly donned her robe as Benny began to explain how he had wanted a glass of milk this morning but she heard none of it because her mind was racing, preparing all the tasks she had to do that day to get her turkey dinner finished.

“Quiet, Benny. I need to focus. I need to start cooking.” Then, halfway to the kitchen, she paused and continued, “Can you please go the market and get some ingredients. There’s a list on the fridge. Please take it and buy everything on that list. There’s money on the table. Thank you, sweetie.”

“Speaking of the fridge!…” Benny tried to warn her, but she heard none of it and rushed into the basement to grab the turkey from the freezer.

So Benny shrugged and did what his mother said. Soon he was at the market and he bought everything on the list. He came home a few hours later and found his mother angrily standing in the kitchen with her arms akimbo. “Benny!” she yelled. “Why didn’t you tell me the fridge was broken! Now Thanksgiving dinner is spoiled!”

This is inspired by a true story but the characters are fictional. Please read my disclaimer to learn more.