Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and volcanoes overpowered the seas, there lived a friendly little triceratops named Hubert. Hubert was famous around the swamps he dwelled in for cooking the best vegetarian soup. All the herbivores in the area went to Hubert’s swamp every day around supper time to feast on this famous soup, until the tragic day a carnivore–a nasty tyrannosaurus named Rex–came to the swamp to spoil all the fun.

This was a tragic day because Rex had been hungry without meat for over week and really wanted to eat all the little dinosaurs who came to Hubert’s swamp. A battle pursued between Rex and Hubert’s followers that day, and the result was good in the sense that Rex was defeated, forced to retreat and never come back again, but bad in the sense that the refrigerator Hubert used to keep all of his soup ingredients fresh was destroyed by Rex. Now Hubert was no longer able to make his soup like he had before.

The next day, in order to make soup for all his followers, Hubert ordered them all to go out in search of fresh ingredients. It took hours to do so but all the dinosaurs here knew it would be too tiring to do this every day. In order to go back to good times, eating fresh soup daily, they needed to get Hubert’s refrigerator repaired somehow, but no one here knew how to do it. That was when Cory, a sweet corythosaurus who was the biggest fan of Hubert’s soup, suggest the wonderful idea that had the potential to repair the refrigerator. But the task would be hard, and went as follows: Cory suggested that they go the magical cave of rainbows to summon someone from the future who knows how to repair refrigerators.

Now our story brings us the present time, specifically to Modesto, California, USA where one appliance technician, namely Mr. Smith, knew all the secrets of refrigerator repair services. Mr. Smith was a humble fellow who went to work and lived an ordinary life. But when he woke up one day he had the feeling that this was no ordinary day. He was right, because before he could go to work and do what he does best, namely the best appliance repair Modesto has available, a great flash of light blinded him, followed by pure darkness, until the magic of the rainbow cave teleported him to Jurassic times. Here, in the damp, magical cave, he opened his eyes to behold a concourse of excited dinosaurs, and he screamed in fear.

“Don’t worry,” said Hubert. “We’re all herbivores. We don’t want to eat you. We only want you to repair our refrigerator so we can keep our soup ingredients fresh.”

Calming down, Mr. Smith looked around, saw all the smiles and decided he would help, but only under one condition: “Will you send me back to Modesto in the year 2020 if I help you?”

All at once, every herbivore in the cave nodded, and Hubert answered, “Certainly, sir! Thank you so much for helping us. We asked the magic cave of rainbows to give us the most experienced refrigerator repair technician the world has ever seen and it sent us you!”

“What an honor.” Mr. Smith smiled.

That day, Hubert’s refrigerator was fixed back to fully working order, and all the dinosaurs here who relied on Hubert’s soup celebrated by making the best soup Mr. Smith had ever tasted. Mr. Smith loved Hubert’s soup so much he took the recipe back to modern Modesto with him and became a famous chef. He retired from the appliance repair business and opened a restaurant called Jurassic Times.

Today, Mr. Smith continues to make Hubert’s soup, and his restaurant is known throughout the world as the best dinosaur-themed restaurant in the USA.

So here ends our story. I hope you enjoyed. If you want to read another story about refrigerator repair, read The Fridge Who Ran Away!

Thank you for reading!