This is a poem I wrote while waiting in line at the bank last summer while it was raining outside. It only took 5 minutes to write so don’t judge me too hard. I nonetheless think it’s good enough to share with you all or at least good enough to compare to the quality of my previous short stories, so if you enjoyed my earlier content then I hope you enjoy this poem.

Summer Rain

When you least expect it

More so when you expect it most

As if you prayed for this

As if it were your host

Rain falls from the sky

The sun filled sky of heat

And is not shy

Is energetic and complete

This summertime rain I love

To feel on my cold, wet face

Like a wintertime dove

Or a springtime chase

Of mice chasing cats

When you least expect it

The summer time rain spats

When I have no rain-gear kit

That glorious summer rain

For you my hot heart will drain!