Short Stories by a Bored Appliance Repair Technician

Short Stories About Life in the Domestic Household and Home Services

The Story of All Stories

Many call it a riddle. Some call it a quest to be solved. Whatever it is, it is the story of all stories. It is the meta truth of narrative, of chapters ending with new chapters. The cycle of life. The power of the universe. Can you guess what it is?

It is the story that tells everything. Everything at once. All creation. All design. The stories you loved growing up. The story of your future. The story of all stories has no ending, no beginning. It tells your story and mine. It tells everyone’s story but when does it end if it has no ending? Whose story is it going to tell next? I don’t know but, have you guessed what it was yet? This is the song that doesn’t end! (watch video below to get the joke, and hopefully the childhood reference)

A Poem About Rain in Summer

This is a poem I wrote while waiting in line at the bank last summer while it was raining outside. It only took 5 minutes to write so don’t judge me too hard. I nonetheless think it’s good enough to share with you all or at least good enough to compare to the quality of my previous short stories, so if you enjoyed my earlier content then I hope you enjoy this poem.

Summer Rain

When you least expect it

More so when you expect it most

As if you prayed for this

As if it were your host

Rain falls from the sky

The sun filled sky of heat

And is not shy

Is energetic and complete

This summertime rain I love

To feel on my cold, wet face

Like a wintertime dove

Or a springtime chase

Of mice chasing cats

When you least expect it

The summer time rain spats

When I have no rain-gear kit

That glorious summer rain

For you my hot heart will drain!

Appliance Repair Technician from Modesto, CA Goes Back to Jurassic Times to Fix a Dinosaur’s Refrigerator

Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and volcanoes overpowered the seas, there lived a friendly little triceratops named Hubert. Hubert was famous around the swamps he dwelled in for cooking the best vegetarian soup. All the herbivores in the area went to Hubert’s swamp every day around supper time to feast on this famous soup, until the tragic day a carnivore–a nasty tyrannosaurus named Rex–came to the swamp to spoil all the fun.

This was a tragic day because Rex had been hungry without meat for over week and really wanted to eat all the little dinosaurs who came to Hubert’s swamp. A battle pursued between Rex and Hubert’s followers that day, and the result was good in the sense that Rex was defeated, forced to retreat and never come back again, but bad in the sense that the refrigerator Hubert used to keep all of his soup ingredients fresh was destroyed by Rex. Now Hubert was no longer able to make his soup like he had before.

The next day, in order to make soup for all his followers, Hubert ordered them all to go out in search of fresh ingredients. It took hours to do so but all the dinosaurs here knew it would be too tiring to do this every day. In order to go back to good times, eating fresh soup daily, they needed to get Hubert’s refrigerator repaired somehow, but no one here knew how to do it. That was when Cory, a sweet corythosaurus who was the biggest fan of Hubert’s soup, suggest the wonderful idea that had the potential to repair the refrigerator. But the task would be hard, and went as follows: Cory suggested that they go the magical cave of rainbows to summon someone from the future who knows how to repair refrigerators.

Now our story brings us the present time, specifically to Modesto, California, USA where one appliance technician, namely Mr. Smith, knew all the secrets of refrigerator repair services. Mr. Smith was a humble fellow who went to work and lived an ordinary life. But when he woke up one day he had the feeling that this was no ordinary day. He was right, because before he could go to work and do what he does best, namely the best appliance repair Modesto has available, a great flash of light blinded him, followed by pure darkness, until the magic of the rainbow cave teleported him to Jurassic times. Here, in the damp, magical cave, he opened his eyes to behold a concourse of excited dinosaurs, and he screamed in fear.

“Don’t worry,” said Hubert. “We’re all herbivores. We don’t want to eat you. We only want you to repair our refrigerator so we can keep our soup ingredients fresh.”

Calming down, Mr. Smith looked around, saw all the smiles and decided he would help, but only under one condition: “Will you send me back to Modesto in the year 2020 if I help you?”

All at once, every herbivore in the cave nodded, and Hubert answered, “Certainly, sir! Thank you so much for helping us. We asked the magic cave of rainbows to give us the most experienced refrigerator repair technician the world has ever seen and it sent us you!”

“What an honor.” Mr. Smith smiled.

That day, Hubert’s refrigerator was fixed back to fully working order, and all the dinosaurs here who relied on Hubert’s soup celebrated by making the best soup Mr. Smith had ever tasted. Mr. Smith loved Hubert’s soup so much he took the recipe back to modern Modesto with him and became a famous chef. He retired from the appliance repair business and opened a restaurant called Jurassic Times.

Today, Mr. Smith continues to make Hubert’s soup, and his restaurant is known throughout the world as the best dinosaur-themed restaurant in the USA.

So here ends our story. I hope you enjoyed. If you want to read another story about refrigerator repair, read The Fridge Who Ran Away!

Thank you for reading!

Darren Osborne meets the Tooth Fairy

This is a story from when I was a boy.

When I was six years old, I asked my mom “how big is the tooth fairy?”

She replied, “You’ll find out when you lose another tooth.”

After a month a tooth came out when I was eating dinner and I was so excited to finally meet the Tooth Fairy, for I had always been asleep every time the tooth fairy came. This time, though, I planned to stay awake and only pretend to sleep so that I could catch the Tooth Fairy in the act.

It felt like hours of pretending to sleep before I eventually started to snooze in and out of a slumber. It had been easy to stay wake before because I was so excited, but now I was having doubts that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t come.

Then, I started to hear footsteps outside of my door. Thinking the Tooth Fairy was here, I quickly checked to see if my tooth was still under my pillow. It was there.

Feeling my heart race, light swept over my shut eyelids as my door opened and someone walked in. It felt like a lifetime before I felt a hand slide under my pillow, and in that moment I opened my eyes and–lo and behold!–my mother was standing there with an angry look on her face.

“I’m so sorry, my son,” she said. “You were supposed to be asleep!”

Not sure why my mother was there, I said, “Quick, mom. Leave before the tooth fairy knows you’re here!”

She smiled and did as I said, quietly closing the door behind herself. Again, it felt like forever before I started to feel drowsy again. The last thing I remember was opening my eyes again to see if the Tooth Fairy was there, but I saw nothing. Next thing I knew the morning had arrived and when I got up I checked under my pillow to see that my tooth was gone! I must’ve fallen asleep…

But in the place of my tooth was $20!

From that day on I still believe the Tooth Fairy is real!

Thanks for reading this story. I hope you found it cute. If you’re wondering why I love writing short stories so much you can read about that here.

Have a great February!

The Fridge Who Ran Away

Down in the not-so-humble streets of New York, a fridge one family thought was more than humble grew tired of people touching him all the time. This fridge was named Maytag and was upset with the family for always waking it up to open him and put stuff inside of him. One day, Maytag had enough. He grew legs, got up and ran away!

A week later a local news paper heard the story and published an article titled “Miracle Alert! A Fridge has Grown Legs and Run Away from Home!” The family reading this article in the paper would never have called it a miracle. They called it a misfortune because not only did they have to buy a new fridge they also had to restock on food. In their misfortune, the family father David called up the editor of the paper and complained in these words:

“Please, for the love of New York will you change the title of that article to Misfortune Alert!”

The editor replied, “But, sir, you don’t think it’s a miracle that your fridge can grow legs and run like a human?”

Sighing in grief, David answered, “Well, isn’t your fridge running?”

The editor quickly checked if his fridge was running, and it was running fine. When he got back to the phone, he said, “I get your point now, David. And we’ll do you something better than change the headline. We’ll write a whole new article titled ‘Update: Miracle Sweeps Across New York as all Fridges are Running!’

Thanks for reading and I hope you got the punchline of the joke. If not, check out another interesting story related to appliances. I hope your new year in 2020 is more miraculous than the fridges running in New York! Bye for now.

My Appliance Repair Adventure in Fort Worth, TX, USA

Unlike my last two short stories which have been a little silly and fun, this story here is true and is not that funny at all, well, perhaps a little bit. You’ll know what I mean once I get started.

I was visiting a friend in Fort Worth, Texas for a reunion dinner feast when, lo and behold, the dish washing machine stopped working and everyone looked at me because I was the only appliance technician in the friend group let alone that very kitchen. As soon as I saw those two dozen eyeballs staring at me from the dish washing machine I knew what they wanted. I said, “Alright, but I need tools.”

Tools were brought up from the garage after several minutes of me hoping they didn’t have any and saying “we could always just wash the dishes by hand.”

Someone else who wanted an excuse to go to a Chinese food buffet was looking up articles on that tried to explain why going out for dinner was healthy for the mind or something. I was just glad I wasn’t the only one making up excuses. So, with tools in hand, I stooped behind the pulled-out dish washing machine and began my inspection, with a bunch of hovering chatty people annoying me from behind, of course. I couldn’t see anything wrong with the dish washing machine itself and it turned on but no water was coming into it so I thought maybe the problem was the water pipe.

After discussing this and asking the home owner to turn off the water so I could open the pipe and take a look, the same guy who was reading articles suggest that we just call Appliance Repair Fort Worth and go to this Korean restaurant he’s always wanted to try but no one agreed, except me, sadly.

So after buddy said the water was shut off I began wrenching the pipe to take a look inside and see what was wrong. I’m not much of a plumber but I pretended to be, believing everything would be fine except that THE WATER WAS NOT SHUT OFF and it went spraying into my face and everyone started laughing. But then no one was laughing a few seconds later when they realized how much water was pooling all over the hardwood floor. There was enough water to keep a family of fish alive in, and then I was the only one laughing. Buddy began to apologize, saying he turned the wrong knob and so the water upstairs was off but not here in the kitchen. That fact was clear when another friend nonchalantly poured a glass of water from the sink and went into the living room to watch the football game, pretending there was no drama here whatsoever.

appliance repair

So to make a long ending short we did end up going to that Korean restaurant. It was not as good as the food we had planned to make but we had a good time there in our own private booth. I think it’s one of the most top rated restaurants in Fort Worth, or at least it was when I was there some years ago, but I can’t remember the name. It wasn’t English, that’s all I remember.

Now I might be going to Fort Worth again for a 2020 New Years celebration with the same friends but I’m still deciding. After remembering this story now I think I might want a little less drama this year. It wasn’t too dramatic but sadly enough my friend still blames me for ruining his hardwood floors even though it was his fault for not turning off the water. He said he’s not a plumber and I should have done it because I’m experienced, but I keep telling him I’m not a plumber either; I’m an appliance technician and there’s a big difference. One day he’ll apologize. One day… Maybe I should go this year just so I can make fun of his lame laminate floor that he cheaply replaced the hardwood with.

Just remember not every appliance repair adventure in Fort Worth is as sad or exciting as this one. Most of the time this job is rather boring so it helps the mind to have a good, funny story every once in a while, so I hope you enjoyed.

An Adventure in the Kitchen Oven

Inspired by Narnia, this is a story about Little Timmy and how he had an adventure in his parents’ kitchen oven.

One day, Little Timmy woke up believing his parents weren’t home, but really they were just sleeping in because they dug into the cabinet the night before. Little Timmy wanted to play, but since he had been a bad boy his parents had taken all his toys away the day before. Not knowing what to do, Little Timmy went into the kitchen. He saw the cabinet his parents had dug into last night but couldn’t reach the contents therein, thank God.

So, still bored, Little Timmy opened the oven and crawled inside. In here, he saw naught but black, black as black as pitch, and shook his head, wishing there was something more interesting in here. But when he closed his eyes, an image did stir in his mind, and suddenly an elf was there beckoning him to follow. Little Timmy obeyed and the elf led him through a dark tunnel until they emerged into a field of broken appliances. Here, in this bright and beautiful field with the sun smiling above, there were broken dishwashers, fridges, microwaves, and every domestic appliance a little boy can dream of. Wondering why this was so, Little Timmy asked the elf just that: “Why are all these broken appliances here in this wonderful field?”

The elf answered, “Because this is Broken Appliance Land where all broken appliances go once no one no longer wants them.”

Amazed by this truth, Little Timmy began to explore. He explored so excitedly it were as if the elf was no longer there, but he was still watching. Little Timmy found a freezer that led into a museum, a dishwasher that led into a zoo, and decided to enter an oven that led him back into his own kitchen because he saw his parents there and missed them.

When he crawled out of the oven, he heard the elf wishing him goodbye, and his parents kissed and hugged him.


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Benny Went to the Market

One day Benny, an 8-year-old boy living somewhere in Texas, woke up to grab a glass a milk and realized the fridge was broken and the milk was warm. He went to his mother’s room to wake her and tell her that the fridge needed a repair service but as soon as she opened her eyes and saw her son standing at the bedside she remembered it was Thanksgiving and had a lot of cooking to do.

“Oh, Benny! Thanks for waking me. I got a lot of cooking to do,” said Benny’s mother. She rose from bed just as Benny opened his mouth. She quickly donned her robe as Benny began to explain how he had wanted a glass of milk this morning but she heard none of it because her mind was racing, preparing all the tasks she had to do that day to get her turkey dinner finished.

“Quiet, Benny. I need to focus. I need to start cooking.” Then, halfway to the kitchen, she paused and continued, “Can you please go the market and get some ingredients. There’s a list on the fridge. Please take it and buy everything on that list. There’s money on the table. Thank you, sweetie.”

“Speaking of the fridge!…” Benny tried to warn her, but she heard none of it and rushed into the basement to grab the turkey from the freezer.

So Benny shrugged and did what his mother said. Soon he was at the market and he bought everything on the list. He came home a few hours later and found his mother angrily standing in the kitchen with her arms akimbo. “Benny!” she yelled. “Why didn’t you tell me the fridge was broken! Now Thanksgiving dinner is spoiled!”

This is inspired by a true story but the characters are fictional. Please read my disclaimer to learn more.